Cornerstone health
Case Study

Automated and Integrated Power BI Solution for daily operations of Cornerstone health

About Cornerstone health

Cornerstone Health is an Australian provider of healthcare services with a main focus on the health and ongoing wellbeing of their patients. Cornerstone health is rapidly growing by opening up new facilities
around the country.
It currently owns 8 progressive medical practices in NSW, Victoria and Queensland. 

Cornerstone Health Case study by Agile Analytics

The Challenge

The biggest pain point for Cornerstone Health was the manual nature of of preparing daily management reports. Each practice manager would manually fill the Excel spreadsheet and send it to the Cornerstone health Head Office. The process would take on average 30 to 60 minutes each day in every practice. This daily procedure became too challenging and inefficient to maintain with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Management team of the Group needed to access a faster and automated reporting system which would allow them to see activity in each of the practices in real time, as well as provide advanced analytics.  

The Solution

Streamlining and Automating internal processes with Power BI

To solve the existing problem, Cornerstone Health needed Power BI implementation to automate processes, and gain access to an integrated solution with the help of Agile Analytics. 

The first step of the process was to install and configure a Power BI Gateway. This allows Power BI cloud-based services to securely access on-premises databases. The Gateway enabled an automated workflow that extracts required data from each practise and consolidates it into one central repository. 

The following step was to automate the process, to enable ingestion and transformation of data that was being built and deployed. 

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The Outcome

Agile Analytics successfully managed to build a data model in Power BI that supports all necessary reporting requirements of Cornerstone Health. This included all the information from a daily figures report which was enhanced by the ability to slice and dice by each practise, date and doctor. A dynamic row-level security (RLS) was also taken into account in this report so that Practice Managers could access and use only their own data.

As a result of the project Agile Analytics was able to automate and streamline internal processes for Cornerstone Health in order to improve productivity and deliver a faster response during the pandemic. 

"We chose Agile Analytics to help us with our reporting requirements and they did a tremendous job achieving it! They automated the process of consolidation of our daily management reports which saved us a lot of time of manual work. It was essential during COVID-19 pandemic to utilise all forces and operate in a more efficient way. I also want to mention great team of consultants and I thank each one of them for the great work and commitment they showed us.”

Built on Microsoft Power BI and Azure

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Azure Data Factory

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