Data Analytics and BI for
the Public Sector

Empowering a Data-driven Government 

Effective insights and application of Data Analytics has proven to excel service delivery and strengthen strategic direction within the Public Sector.

Automated data pipelines can save up to 80% of your resource time on data wrangling and similar manual processes. We work with Government organisations to move away from the manual work towards an enterprise reporting system, allowing information to be communicated more clearly, securely and efficiently.

Our data warehouse (DW) and business intelligence (BI) solutions are easily integrated with data from various sources, giving you quality data and interactive reports to gain deeper insights from your organisational data.

Agile Analytics is listed on a number of Australian Public Sector panels, we are a pre-qualified service provider based on our industry leading expertise in data analytics and consulting with the Public Sector.

The Technology we use

Azure Data Platform​

Azure DW / Synapse

Azure Data Factory

Azure Analysis Services

Power Platform​

Power BI

Power Apps

Power Automate

Engagement Models

Project Delivery

We delivery end-to-end projects from building the data foundation, automatic data orchestration, to analytical reports and management dashboards

Resource Augmentation

We support your team to improve their ability to deliver data analytics on modern technologies, fill the skill gaps and guide them through standards and best practices.

Training and Support

We provide ad-hoc / on demand support, and can assist in upskilling your team with our customised in-house training courses.

How we help the Public Sector

Prioritising outcomes for Citizens

Propelling strategic direction within Government

Applying Data-driven insights

Driving informed decisions and mitigating risks

Strengthening efficacies by reducing costs

How Agile Analytics helped Transport for New South Wales

Read more about how we have helped Federal and State Government departments

Tourism AU logo
Tourism Australia gears for growth with Intelligent analytics platform​

Tourism Australia has been able to use insights gleaned from the mass of information to help with strategic planning, most recently during State and Territory border reopenings.

Transport for New South Wales improves customer service across NSW

Agile Analytics helped Transport for New South Wales harness the power of data. Transport teams are able to evaluate the performance of each operator, to understand what is happening on the network on any day. They can identify any endemic issues and work with operators to resolve them.

CESPHN automates their data analysis and reporting

“The feedback on the report we were provided by CESPHN, was one of the best, as assessed against an Audit and Feedback framework developed by Monash University.”

Office of Environment & Heritage makes critical data analysis accessible to the public​

The office of Environment and Heritage moved their critical data analysis from two government structures to a dynamic, real time reporting solution where complex data could be presented in multi angle dashboards which is now accessible to the Public in a gamified / leader board format.

Our delivery framework

The Agile Analytics Delivery Framework is based on the foundation of CRISP-DM (cross-industry standard process for data mining) adapted following years of experience based on what achieves superior results.

Our delivery process covers all aspects of data management including data warehousing, ingestion, data pipelines, transformation, orchestration, modelling and visualisation.

This delivery framework has been successfully applied to multiple projects including workplace safety, transport, human services, health, energy, and education to ensure the organisations we work with achieve their vision.

Power BI Course Australia
Step 1: Business Understanding

Before getting started, we take the time to understand our business processes and define the business problem to be addressed. Only once we’re clear on the success criteria and objectives, do we move onto step 2.

Step 2: Data Discovery

Prior to analysis and processions, we clean and transform your raw data – reformatting it, and making corrections.

Step 3: Data Preparation

We gather the data from multiple systems and collate it so it’s all accessible from one central location.

Step 4: Modelling

We analyse the relationship between the data objects – and precisely what’s required for the processes of your organisation. Models are then created for the database.

Step 5: Presentation

We supply the data in an attractive and practical manner so it can be both easily interpreted and utilised for decision making.

Step 6: Validation

Prior to importing and processing, we both cleanse and analyse the data to ensure the results are accurate.

Step 7: Deployment

Once validation is complete, it’s time to make the code readily available to users of the application in an automated fashion. This is when our consultants use their flair for designing visually appealing reports that are also user friendly, and the technology goes live.

Step 8: Closure

Only after the deployment is complete, do we close the project – after ensuring all work has been finalised and all processes have been executed. All key stakeholders must agree that it is completed to a high level of satisfaction.

Rest assured, throughout the entire process Agile Analytics will deploy the following project disciplines to ensure quality standards are achieved as expected:

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