Agile Finance Analytics is an end-to-end finance reporting solution – built on Microsoft Power BI – to help organizations discover useful insights for strategic decision making. 


Pricing & Licensing

Q: Is the license fee a one-off cost or on an ongoing basis?
A: The license fee is a subscription paid annually. We also have the monthly direct debit option available.

Q: Is the consulting fee a one-off cost or on an ongoing basis?
A: The consulting fee is a one-off cost. If you require ongoing support, maintenance, and enhancements, a monthly fee can be discussed for a support agreement.

Q: What Power BI license do we need?
A: You need to have Power BI license which comes with Office 356 E5, or you can purchase Power BI Pro license for each Power User (people who will build new reports). You can use Power BI Premium which is a cost-effective option if you have more than 300 end users. We can provide guidance for the best licensing options as part of the implementation. Here is the comparison of the Power BI license options

Q: What do I need to provide to receive the quote for the implementation?
A: You can contact us and we will send you the required information including the source system(s), data size, required data refresh frequency (e.g. daily, monthly), preferred integration method (DPA, API, or data warehouse), and if you need to create new reports or just to customize the existing dashboards.

Privacy & Security

Q: Will the data be hosted in your environment?
A: No, all data will be hosted in your own environment.

Q: Will data be secure?
A: Yes, in addition to the reports, security at row-level (RLS) will be implemented to enable setting up access for each user/role.


Q: Is there a dependency on the vendor after the implementation?
A: No. The solution is based on Power BI – which is a cloud-based service by Microsoft. There is no dependency on any other platform or software, but you need to have a Power BI license from Microsoft.

Q: Can we make any changes to the data model, field names, logic, reports, etc.?
A: Yes, you can make any changes that you want with no restrictions from us.

Data Integration and Automation

Q: What are the integration options with the data systems?
A: There are 3 options: 
– DPA: we use a simple digital process automation (DPA) that will extract data to CSV/Excel files with our pre-defined templates, save them into a cloud-based storage like OneDrive or SharePoint Online, and load them into Power BI. 
– Database connection, if you store data in a database or data warehouse, we can connect to it or we can build your finance data warehouse.
– API integration with other data/finance systems

Q: Which integration option is quicker/more affordable?
A: DPA is a file-based integration that is a simple and quick solution – yet secure and scalable. In this option, we use an automated process to extract data in form of CSV from your other finance/data system. This can be implemented within 4-6 weeks.

Q: How easy it is to do the data integration?
A: The Solution comes with instructions on how to do the file-based data integration yourself, to get you started quickly. We can provide consulting services to get your data connected to your source system(s), customize the reports, and automate the process.

Q: What’s the data structure that your system needs?
A: Here is a sample data file template and the data dictionary


Q: Can we have our own branding?
A: Yes. You may do it yourself if you know Power BI, or we can help you with branding and customization.

Q: Who can do the customization, e.g., adding new calculations and business logic?
A: You can do it yourself if you know Power BI / DAX, or we can help you with that. We will provide you with a list of all data items and calculations as part of the data dictionary so you can review and make updates if required.

Q: Can we change the visualization/reports?
A: You can easily make changes to visuals by selecting different chart types, and dragging and dropping the visuals in Power BI.  The instruction videos are available. We can also help you with that as part of the implementation.

Installation and configuration 

To use the app with your dataset, please follow the instructions below. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Click on ”Connect your data” or “schedule refresh” on the dataset to access the dataset settings on the workspace. 

Put your files in SharePoint or OneDrive folder and replace the following parameters with yours. You may find some examples below: 

– Extract Files Location Extracts: 

– Ageing Bins Extracts: Ageings_Bins 

– Accounts Snapshot & Hierarchy Extracts: Account_Snapshot_&_Hierarchy 

– Inventory Extracts: Inventory 

– AP AR Extracts: AP_AR 

– Accounting Transactions Extracts: Accounting_Transactions