Spilling the Tea on Leagacy IT Automation

The fancy world of automation gets us thinking of complicated, lengthy and mundane processes/activities being handled simply and efficiently, while we peacefully sip on an evening cup of tea. Before you get too lost in that thought, let me spill the actual tea on this.

Automation abilities, or inabilities?

For a while now, folks in the IT world aren’t surprised to hear automation is falling short of what it promises – strong performance and scalability. Statistics show that a staggering 70% of automation, unfortunately, overpromises which further leaves IT automation enthusiasts in the doldrums.

Speaking of legacy IT systems, the majority believes automation is not only expensive and involves more work but also adds complex layers of customized logic to existing systems. The result is hard to maintain, leading to technical debt. Ever heard of ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’? Well, too many layers make IT spaghetti, and that’s the harsh truth of modern automation.

The future of complex automation.

Most of the overpromise and under-delivery occur when we simplify and automate the last 20% of the process (and the easy 80% are completed). In an alternative solution, we would have consumable independent blocks of logic that could be put together to build more complex ones and dismantled when required. The solution would be all cloud-hosted and would be repeatable, reusable and cost-effective.

Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform could be the future of complex IT automation, let’s explore how.

You may currently follow a repeatable manual process which has defined rules and actions?  This is where Power Automate fits in by automating mundane manual tasks within hours and days (not weeks and months). If you have paper based forms that you want to digitize and create automated workflows – then look no further than Power Apps + Power Automate (as part of the Power Platform)

Microsoft Power Platform empowers organisations to augment their legacy applications by harnessing the quickly deployable blocks of low code components that transform your business applications and workflows through desktop automation, cloud flows, custom connectors, data gateways and other services. Click here to learn more about how organisations across the globe have leveraged power platforms to solve their business problems.

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