Healthcare Analytics: How Agile Analytics Helps Healthcare Organisations Make Better Decisions

Agile Analytics offers a powerful healthcare analytics solution designed to provide hospitals and healthcare providers with an instant solution for their data analysis needs. By leveraging the latest cloud technology and Microsoft Power BI, organisations can gain an outstanding level of clarity and insight into their data, enabling them to better understand their overall performance and make more informed business decisions. 

The solution is highly customisable, allowing users to create and modify pages/views to tell the exact story about what’s happening within their organisation. With data from financial, operational, and other business areas consolidated into a central platform for analytical reports, the interactive dashboards provide real-time data that allows users to monitor divisions, risk levels, types of treatments, average wait times, doctor statistics, customer satisfaction, overall scorecards, and much more.

One of the key benefits of this healthcare analytics solution is its data automation capabilities. As new data is added to your database, it is automatically reflected in near real-time. This helps to keep your dashboards up to date consistently and saves time and resources that would otherwise be spent manually updating them. 

Agile Analytics’ solution is offered in a simple one off fee basis, making it easy for organisations to choose a plan that suits their needs and budget. Data can be stored on Power BI, on your cloud, database, or on-premise server depending on your organisational data security policies. 

Agile Analytics’ healthcare analytics solution offers a range of customisable dashboards, including: 

Clinical Dashboard: This dashboard provides medical practitioners and managers with visibility into how a department is handling its demands. It provides information about what’s happening in the clinic, from the number of current patients waiting to be seen to the number of doctors, patient-to-clinician ratios, staff work hours, and more. It’s also useful for analysing individual employee performance, clinician communication, nursing units, prescriptions, revenues, costs, and other metrics. 

Financial Dashboards: Just like other healthcare organisations, hospitals accumulate a large amount of data. Managers and decision-makers can monitor patient satisfaction levels, staff performance, patient wait times, departmental spending, income, salaries, as well as the overall quality of each department to make better-informed decisions to improve the efficiency of operations and the quality of care. 

Patient Dashboard: This dashboard captures the patient experience from admission to discharge. It includes wait times, average length of stay, lab result turnaround times, satisfaction rates of wait times, patient ratings of the level of comfort of their visit, and other metrics. Data from patient surveys and hospital records are analysed to create patient perception dashboards that inform managers and staff where improvement is necessary. 

Doctors & Specialists Dashboard: The physician dashboard allows for actionable executive decision-making to maximise daily efficiency and implement changes for long-term improvement. It analyses data such as the number of patients, number of new patients, patient appointment times, clinician availability, patient satisfaction ratings, and other metrics for business insights that help managers and staff avoid delayed treatment of patients, ill-timed appointment setup, lengthy wait time, and patient dissatisfaction. 

Agile Analytics’ healthcare analytics solution has received excellent feedback as one of the best accelerator solution on the market. Save on development costs, increase operational efficiency, and make better-informed decisions. See an example of how healthcare analytics made a difference in the real world.

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