7 reasons to join the Sydney Power BI User Group (PUG)

7 reasons to join the Sydney Power BI User Group (PUG)


Personal development can’t always be done in a cube! Meetup groups offer one of the best ways of keeping with rapidly changing technology and the Sydney Power BI User Group gives you an opportunity to gain insights into Data Analytics. It’s not only about personal development however, PUG Meetup attendees are genuinely passionate about Power BI and contribute by transforming each event into an occasion to learn, share, present, network and to simply have fun.


1. Share your insights and present in front of the involved audience

If you are serious about your career in analytics, you know how important your personal brand is. Gain instant credibility in Power BI community by becoming a keynote speaker and giving a presentation on the topic that is in your field of expertise. Sydney Power BI User Group gives you an opportunity to gain exposure and share the stage with renowned Microsoft and Power BI experts.


2. Meet fellow data analysts and develop your network

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Sydney Power BI User Group is a great opportunity to meet fellow data analysts, future employer or a client. When people start to recognise you, they see you as a dedicated and serious professional and eventually they will come to you for an advice. Flattering? Yes! When people know you personally and trust you, the chances that you are recruited or recommended are considerably increased. Tempting? Yes! You might be a Superman (or a Superwoman) when it comes to Power BI skills but let’s be honest, you can’t be perfect in everything and by networking you can meet people who have strength in areas where you have weaknesses.


3. Be the first one to know about the updates and new features

Every session of Sydney Power BI User Group Meet-up is unique. We gather industry experts, keynote speakers from Microsoft and rising stars of Data Analytics to cover latest updates, share mind-blowing tips and discuss the ways of improvement as a community.


4. Access to industry experts and Microsoft representatives

Every month you have an opportunity to pick the brain of the best Power BI experts in Australia and if you’re lucky, worldwide! We create an atmosphere of sharing our problems and finding the solutions. Get inspired by role models in the Data Analytics community who overcome challenges and achieve their goals.


5. Get rewarded

You might think that life-long connections, access to industry experts and the possibility to share your knowledge with others would be enough of a reward. Not at our PUG meetups! We also offer a variety of perks such as gift cards and Power BI branded goodies.


6. Have fun!

Serious, but not boring.

Engaging, but not superficial.

Informative, but not overwhelming.


7. And it’s FREE!

Last but not least, access to Power BI User Group sessions is free.


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